That's a Wrap!

Community Manager

Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback during this fun and action-packed hour.  


*Please note that you won't be able to ask new questions in this space until our next live event.


We will put together a summary document of what was covered during and share it in this group. See you next time! 

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Thanks for "listening" !
Any timeline on this summary document>

@Sarah.Gilbert I am so sorry that I could join that AMA session.


I will be looking forward to that summary document, since there is this fantastic drawback with Planner that goes unanswered for 2 years, yet users remind you every week of the pain they feel:


I really, really hope "What are you doing with Notifications & Alerts?" was one of the questions that have been asked, since you have a community of 5000+ Users that look like they have been ignored for 2 years -- something unheard of



Looking for this summary document. Where is it posted? When is the next session scheduled?

Hi @calsov and @Sarah.Gilbert - is there any news on the summary doc from the last AMA yet?
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