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Will Planner be implementing a 'copy plan', or 'template plan' feature soon, as discussed in the boards The lack of this feature is a huge problem for our workflow which consists of hundreds of repeated tasks each week.

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Hello! This is a great question.

We've been hearing this request a lot, and this is one of our top priorities moving forward. We've recently implemented the ability to copy a task within a plan, and are currently developing the ability to copy a task to a different plan you're a member of. This will then provide us with a lot of the groundwork necessary to complete development on copy plan.


Plan templates will likely be another step after copy plan. We'd love to hear more about how you would use this so that we can build a great template experience!

Thanks for your feedback!

You can do this with Graph if you can't wait for the feature - see my posting at

@Chris FebvreFYI, this was recently implemented, but still has room for improvement.