"Outlook for Windows: Signature cloud settings" - more detailed functionality description?


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We can see from here, that new exciting feature is about to be rolled out:


Great timing as our company is in the middle of preparing/releasing signature mechanism, question is: how it will look like as there is not much information I can find.


Currently there is one signature available in OWA, and the roadmap's tag says "Windows Desktop Outlook" and I do not get it - will all of my Outlook signatures be sinchronized to OWA? Will all my signatures configured on the server side (OWA) be visible in Outlook - so the sync will be in the other way around as well? This feature would greatly ease this particular task, as there would be no need of pushing signatures to each workstations etc. but I would like to know more about the mechanism itself, readmap says June, but as we all know date might be floating, so maybe there is no reason for us to wait and implement our mechanism. Is here someone who is in contacts with the product team and can give some heads up / sneak peak on this feature? Maybe @Julia Foran ? :)

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@Pawel Jarosz Hello Pawel, you've seen this article?


*edit* a more recent!

Roaming Signatures for Outlook for Windows

Hi @ChristianBergstrom ! Yep, seen both, and both say like 99% about why it was not yet ready, and 1% about how it won't kill ISV market, and 0% about how it actually will look like. My concern is it says Outlook FOR WINDOWS. Well, if signatures are in the cloud, why Outlook for Mac or for Linux won't be able to use it? 


Currently situation is similar for me to some documentaries on Discovery / National Geographic channel - they loop 100x the same scenes, adverts take 50% of the show, and at the end you know nothing.

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@Pawel Jarosz Well, for a feature still being in development stage as per the roadmap I think that Mr Redmonds article pretty much gives you an idea about it. As for supported versions there's always "first versions supported" with more to follow.


For the record it's not only signatures


The roadmap


When this will happen


  • We will begin rolling this out to Microsoft 365 Monthly Channel, Targeted, in late May. (This is Insiders Slow Channel which will soon be called Microsoft Beta.)
  • We expect to roll this out to the Monthly Channel, Production, in late June.

Hi @ChristianBergstrom, Seems I haven't gone through this Mr. Redmontd's article patiently enough, hmm...maybe because I was so wound up because of lack of information. Anyway, indeed this article says that it won't work for other clients. Thank you for pointing that out. Knowing that fact gives me a landscape of work that needs to be done in our automation. Appreciate your help on this.

@Pawel Jarosz FYI


'Outlook roaming signatures'


When this will happen

We will begin rolling this out to Microsoft 365 Monthly Channel, Targeted, in late July. (This is Insiders Slow Channel which will soon be called Microsoft Beta.) We expect to roll this out to the Monthly Channel, Production, in late August.


Does anyone knows where the Signature is stored? Could not find it with mfcmapi... Looked in the Associated Items of Root and Inbox Folders.

@Andres Bohren 


Almost necroposting here, sorry for that.

I've really search but can find no information about how to edit or create this type of signature.

Just created a PowerShell rollout of signatures, but this feels yesterday if I can create them the new way.

Any info on API or PS integration?

Hello, it's actually good sometimes when someone replies to an old thread as it can be updated. I had no idea that it [signatures] was still in development and the roll out paused. Now I know.

Adding for reference (API info at the bottom of the first link).

What triggered my reply here was @Andres Bohren search in a mailbox to trying to find the signature data.

OK, that explains why I can find anything on API/PS... I just find is a couple of companies being afraid to loose their signature-product-business if Microsoft go ahead and release this thing.
After some google keyword juggling I found this:
"Where is API & Storage of Outlook Roaming Signature"
API in the works maybe, but nothing concrete on release.

Gosh old subject you are right :D. As I remember the plan was that the Roaming signatures will work only on OWA and Outlook for Windows in first phase (no android, ios, mac, linux etc.) Still not implemented any solution for client as waiting for this functionality to happen.
OWA and Outlook client (Windows) is fine with me to begin with. If they could pull it of to support all clients that would be nice.. Consistent signatures on all devices is a problem, unsolvable, today to my knowledge if you don't use disclaimer/mail flow support in Exchange, which is flawed how it inserts it into the messages as I see it.

Yes, and you really have to digg deep to find anything on it. Got a hit some preview API (jscript?)

OWA is already using the mailbox as it's location. Where else would it be :)

@Pawel Jarosz, it's been more than a year now. Do you perhaps know when this will be available? On the Microsoft Roadmap site, they say "ROLL OUT TEMPORARILY PAUSED", but there is no new date. The release date was set for July 2021, but that date has also passed.

There is a lot of confusion.
The API mentioned above (link) is actually an API into the Outlook client. A hook, to allow for the "new mail" event trigger a call for external content, in this case a signature hosted in the cloud. Technique use is Add-ins.

But the discussion here is for the Roaming signatures feature. These signatures will NOT be stored in the mailbox configuration area but rather on a completely new location, probably accessible through GRAPH API. MS intends to allow for many signatures to reflect Outlooks ability to handle several signatures, whereas OWA only supports 1 signature for both new/reply mails. I spoke to MS DEV a few days ago, and there is no news available on this.
Thanks for sharing! Pity there is no estimation on when we can expect anything.
Great, still no sign of this much needed feature - yet they have found the time to develop an edge outlook extension that no-one has asked for.
...unfortunately still waiting on this. Roadmap says GA: July 2021...any updates?

Well, its now practically May 2022 and its still "in development", so the Jul 2022 General Availability "prediction" looks not achievable..... pretty disappointing for what is really a pretty basic functionality. Unfortunately, this is becoming pretty usual for Microsoft, concentrate efforts on "new sexy" features and put basic functionality on the back burner. :(