Possible bug: When searching, we cannot move emails older than "mail to keep offline"

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If you have cached exchange mode on, you cannot move (either by drag-and-drop or right-click -> move) emails older than the "mail to keep offline" setting.


We confirmed this with Office365 support who were able to reproduce the issue. They had no suggestions other than to cache all email or use Online mode. Neither of these is feasible for performance and/or storage reasons.


Steps to reproduce problem:

  1. Add at least two mailboxes to Outlook as individual accounts (not additional mailboxes under the same account). In our case, both of these are Office365 mailboxes.

  2. Set the “mail to keep offline setting” to 2 weeks for both accounts
  3. In one of the mailboxes, search for an email that is older than 2 weeks and then try to drag it to the other mailbox (or right click -> move)

  4. Notice that the email does not move.
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Which version/build of Outlook is that? @Gabe Bratton might have an idea.

@Vasil Michev 


Confirmed on:

  • 1908 (11929.20606 CTR)
  • 2001 (12430.20288 CTR)

@Vasil Michev 


Adding some more info:


If we try to move the email again after we have already tried to move it unsuccessfully, we almost always get this message:





Besides changing to Online mode or caching the whole mailbox, another workaround is to click the View on Server button before performing the search. This puts the mailbox effectively in Online mode, and the emails will move (though it takes a minute for this to update visually - it looks like the emails haven't moved, but they have)






I see that we have had a hotfix request to fix this.  The Outlook Team said that the issue was too big a work item to fix in a hotfix.  There is a bug tracking future work to address it.


The workaround in the meantime is to have the impacted users set sync slider to All Mailbox or disable service search.


Disable Server Assisted Search

Group Policy registry path:
DWORD: DisableServerAssistedSearch

OCT registry path:
DWORD DisableServerAssistedSearch

Disables Outlook from requesting and using Search results from Exchange for cached and non-cached mailbox items. Instead, it will use search results from Windows search service. Set to 1 to enforce.

@Gabe Bratton 


Thank you for the update! Sounds like it will be included with an office update - do you have any ETA or information on which future build(s) of office will include the fix?



There is some work scheduled around this for Q2 but I don't know what all other work items are associated.  That would likely be the earliest timeframe.  

@Gabe BrattonI am on the latest update in the monthly channel and am still experiencing this issue. Do you have any update on how things are going?

@Gabe Brattonlooks like this is still happening. Any idea when the fix will be available?

@Gabe Bratton this is still occurring on Version 2010, Build 13328.20356. I know you said that Q2 2020 would be the earliest, but we're getting close to the end of the year with no updates on the issue. 

Just an update - it's June 2022 and this issue still exists.