Outlook suddently stopped working

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I use to work with outlook normally until today. Suddently this afternoon I just coul run Outlook 365 but when trying to read or send any email a message appears saying that the necessary file "react-native-win32.dll" is not available and that re-installing Ol-365 was required.

I did it several times but the problem was always the same. 

After having  downloaded the "react-native ..." thety situation is still the same.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Have had 2 clients with the same error today, have tried a clean install with no change, both systems that failed showed a Microsoft office update on the 18th.



Many thanks for your answer.


Word is not working neither but in this case the rising message just says that a problem exists and that Windows will try to offer a solution. Nevertheless nothing happends after that and the problem is still the same.

The only positive thing is that both applications run perfectly if woken up from outlook.com (I'm not sure if this one is the right solution ...)