OneDrive Silently Sign in users

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I am working on getting our users to start using OneDrive and running into a few small issues. 

  1. be automatically signed into Onedrive when they login into the computer.
  2. Default location is not set and users are able to change the location of the OneDrive even though it set not to be able to.

I have 2 gpo's one for the computer settings and one for user settings. Both are applied to a test user and test computer. I see them working because other enabled options are working, like

  • not being able to un-sync known folders
  • it auto syncs known folders
  • warn users with low disk space
  • warning when deleting more than 5 files
  • Alerts saying the IT dept is already syncing known folders


I have the updated files for the OneDrive GPO.  On the computer I am testing I the most recent version of Onedrive (removed version installed, rebooted, installed rebooted and tested). 


I tried to remove one gpo set and then the other, only using one at a time and still didn't work. 


Any ideas?



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Was able to get the the default location for the folder worked out. Rebuilt the GPO's and slowly enabled options, testing along the way.


Still not able to get OneDrive to sign in when users sign into the computer. @phils3