OneDrive for Business (Plan 2) Limits

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I'm part of a workplace that currently uses Google Workspace for Enterprise but we're looking to switch to Microsoft OneDrive right now and I have a few questions. First of all I want to say that the only thing we care about is cloud storage. We work in video and therefore need the unlimited storage that OneDrive for Business (Plan 2) is supposed to give. We don't need any of the Office365 stuff and other apps and services that can be added on.


This link tells me that Plan 2 for Business gives us unlimited storage for $10/user/month. Of course the conditions say:
Unlimited individual cloud storage for qualifying plans for subscriptions of five or more users, otherwise 1 TB/user. Microsoft will initially provide 1 TB/user of OneDrive for Business storage, which admins can increase to 5 TB/user. Request additional storage by contacting Microsoft support. Storage up to 25 TB/user is provisioned in OneDrive for Business. Beyond 25 TB, storage is provisioned as 25 TB SharePoint team sites to individual users.


I intend to add 5-10 users to the organization so I definitely qualify. So, let's say I first increase the limit to 5TB/user to get 25TB total, do I need to wait till I hit 25TB to ask for more? When the conditions say "Beyond 25 TB, storage is provisioned as 25 TB SharePoint team sites to individual users", I have to ask Microsoft for it. I'm wondering what kind of process this is. Do I have to explain exactly what I'm using it for. Is it a lengthy process, or is it just a simple email and they give me a new Sharepoint.


Now about SharePoints, I'm not sure how they work, but from what I understand they're limited to 25TB/sharepoint. But when they say it is "provisioned as 25 TB SharePoint team sites to individual users", can multiple sharepoints be provisioned to the same user. $10/user would be $100/month for 10 users. So essentially I could add 250TB in SharePoints. But can I add more SharePoints on top of that to the same users, cus we're way over that on Google already. Or would I have to add more users for each new SharePoint.


Next, does it make any difference if I get SharePoint Plan 2 instead of ODfB Plan 2.

Also, this link says that the total storage per organization is 1TB plus 10gb/license. What is this talking about and is it related to ODfB.


Lastly, how hard would it be for me to move my stored files from Google Drive to OneDrive. Right now, it's sitting at over 500TB. Would we have to hire some other service or is there something we can use provided my Microsoft for this kind of process. 


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