On-Demand for Mac




I just noticed O365 Message Center notification that On-Demand is now available for Mac.


This notice tells that "Admins will have the ability to disable or enable this feature via a preference.".


How can I enable or disable this as an admin? I didn't see anything at the OneDrive for Business Admin Center.

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Hi Livo,


Thanks for raising this, I received the notification in my personal Office 365 tenant too. Here is the full message.




So the service will be automatically enabled and if you choose to disable it the additional information links to the following article which shows you how to enable/disable files on demand for mac


And this will provide screenshots so existing users can turn it on in the OneDrive for Business Client


Hope that I have answered your question. If I have, please like and then set as the solution. If not please let me know what more you need. Thanks for raising this to the community!


Best, Chris

Thanks, just what I was looking for!