How to prevent Onedrive synchronize with desktop

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I am designing the OneDrive solution for a team, we would like to set limit them to access OneDrive in web or mobile only, but not allow them to sync with desktop.


Which able to prevent have a copy in their desktop.


Please see if there has any solution, thank you so much for any input or idea.

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OneDrive is designed for individuals. For team use you should use SharePoint libraries so that organisational files are consistently managed and you have more granular control over who has access. You can disable offline synchronization on SP libraries.

@Mike Williams Thank you Mike for your reply, we would like to setup individual storage (Onedrive) to each members and we can disable offline synchronization on SP libraries also? 

@AzureStanley The OneDrive and SharePoint are set up separately. You are best to avoid trying to bend OneDrive to being a team solution, as it is a special case of a SharePoint doc library for individual users. If you want to create team  storage with restrictions like stopping offline synchronization use SharePoint to store those files.