How can I automatically add a SharePoint shortcut to OneDrive as I add members?

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I'm creating Communication Sites to restructure the file-share system, and I'd like to whenever I add members to a SharePoint site to have it as a shortcut on their OneDrive automatically for them.

Can it be done via GPO or PowerShell or SharePoint interface?


Thank you.

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Unfortunately the scenario described is not supported in SharePoint 

Currently, this is not supported.
You should also be aware of the limitations of SharePoint / OneDrive sync. If you add the SharePoint site or a folder within the SharePoint site as a shortcut to your OneDrive, you will have a sync conflict between SharePoint site and OneDrive.

If you decide to create shortcuts, you will need to decide if you want SharePoint sync or OneDrive sync. You won't be able to sync both simultaneously.

Let's say you have a Marketing SharePoint site and you add Marketing as a shortcut in OneDrive. Synchronizing OneDrive and SharePoint site Marketing with your computer will result in a conflict. Just keep that in mind.

Good luck.
Did you manage to figure out a way to do this?