video "flashing" in PowerPoint

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Hello everyone. So to start off, we have several embedded videos (mp4, H.264) in an interative PowerPoint we created for a client. The PowerPoint file was created to be a stand alone file. When we play the videos in a windows 7 computer (HP TouchSmart 610, All in One) with PowerPoint 2016 loaded on it, everything plays fine. However, we just upgraded our computers to new Dell OptiPlex 7780 AIO machines running windows 10 and now loaded with Office 365 and are seeing problems with the videos running. When there is a color background and still graphics are brought into the screen, there is a "flashing" of brightness occurring. We are also see this effect on a new 55" LG touchscreen with a built in computer in it. This "flashing does NOT occur when you play the videos by themselves in a media player. This doesn't happen when running on the old windows 7 machine. It only occurs when playing the videos back withing the latest version of PowerPoint on a windows 10 system. We have tried rendering the videos to wmv , the problems doesn't seem as great but it still occurs. Also, the problem occurs in a simple PowerPoint file that hasn't been rendered as a stand alone. One more note, the original files were MOV files that were rendered to mp4. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all. 

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