Introducing the Join Online button


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Today we want to show you a new feature that will ensure you're getting to your online meetings easier than ever. In our latest blog post, Laura Harrington, a Program Manager on the Outlook team, talks about the Join Online button in Outlook and how you'll be able to join your Online Meetings without having to switch to your calendar.


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4 Replies

@Evan_Bolin The join online button in the calendar pane at the right of the inbox sometimes flashes. It appears and then disappears several times a second. This causes the whole rendering of the events in the calendar pane to jump around distractingly. 

That's weird, haven't seen that one before. The next time this happens, can you please report it via the Outlook app by going to Help>Feedback?


@CMcL9 @Evan_Bolin 


I get the flickering Join Online 1-3 times daily and it slows the entire workstation down. Would love a way to disable it (or find out why it happens).


I captured a GIF of it here: 02.02.2022-12.39.27 (



This is exactly what happens to me. It happens pretty much every day.