Wich Skype plan allow me to use the desktop and mobile app.




Wich Skype plan allow me to use the desktop and mobile app?


looking at the Skype plan 2 and it doesn't not seems that the pc and mobile app are allowed


thanks for your help

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Desktop and mobile app usage is included in the standalone plans, as a core feature:

As well as being available with most Office 365 plans:

Edit - Here is the Skype for Business Online Service Description which has details in general

Check the "Feature availability across Skype for Business Online standalone plans" section for particulars.

it is curious that I see this (from my tenant)2017-07-07 11-18-22.jpg


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Thanks for the screenshot, thats saying as I understand it, the whole Office 2016 suite (Office 365 ProPlus) isn't included with those plans. However, you can separately download the Skype for Business basic client for free

See the service description I included in my edited answer above, which notes:

"Skype for Business Online Standalone Plan 2 licensed users will get the Skype for Business Basic client, not the full Skype for Business client. If you want users to have the Skype for Business client, you will need to upgrade them to a license that includes it, such as an Enterprise-based license."

As Cian said, that's to indicate that you dont get the full Office suite, although they can definitely put some more appropriate explanation... :)


As long as you have a valid SfB license, you can download and use the mobile apps, and for desktop you can use the standalone installer Cian linked above.