Where can I find informatino about file sharing options in Office 365?


Is there a resource somewhere that lists the various options for sharing files in Office 365? I would also be interested in information about the pros/cons of each and/or typical useage scenarios for each. (e.g. when/why might someone choose Groups vs. SharePoint vs. OneDrive for Business vs. ??).


I also have the need to set something up right away for a team that will be working on a limited duration project together. Team mebers need to have offline access to a group of shared files. Some members of the team have limited technology saavy. Is there a file sharing option you might suggest for this situation?

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You have already got a great response from @Juan Carlos González Martín, I'd just add this session from Microsoft Ignite, related to point 2 in Juan's list: 


Learn what to use when: Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Team Sites, Yammer, and OneDrive for Business 



The slides are here as well.

Looks like a great video. Unfortunately, I get an error when trying to view it. I tried viewing directly on the YouTube website, but still get an error. Smiley Sad

The video is playing well here and in YouTube...maybe the problem is on your side