Unwanted notifications when new item is created in Office 365 SharePoint List

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I've created a SharePoint List in Office 365, that sends notification through Flows. The List and Flows are running as expected, however one of the members of the Office 365 group is receiving notifications outside the Flows when new items are created. 


The member has not selected the "Alert Me" option on the List, and is not an owner of the group. The email is a generic structure, which leads me to believe it might be an "Alert Me" selected somewhere I'm not seeing.


Email structure:

Hi <name>,


A new item was added at 2018-05-02T12:38:42Z by <creator name>. Details: <details>


Any suggestions on resolving this issues?


Thanks for your time!


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Based on the date format that isn't a standard SharePoint alert. Looks like it's probably a SharePoint workflow. Check the workflow settings on the list to see if any workflows are assign / running.

Otherwise, someone somewhere has another flow tied to the list :P.

Hi Christopher,


Thank you for your quick response. I've confirmed the notification is not coming from the flows by switching them off and creating a new item. A notification was still sent out to the member. The images below show there are not workflows associated to the list.




Do you have an suggestions on how to find where this flow might be hiding?


Thank you!

Have you checked the user getting the alert flow.microsoft.com and see if they setup a flow on their account?

@April Flores Did you ever find an answer to this? We're experiencing the exact problem with one of our users!

Hi @April did you manage to solve this issue, I know its a loong time since this post, but I've encountered this issue with a list user that is receiving daily notification , the same type you ha before.