Skype for Business Online : Missed conversation time lag


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  I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but I have an interesting scenario and I need some assistance on this .This is the issue I'm facing , " A user pings me when my computer is locked and after sometime I receive an email as a missed conversation . Now the problem here is , the time mentioned in the missed conversation is not the right one and it shows a totally diff time .Let's say if that user has pinged me 30 mins back , it shows the time as 3 or 4 hours before. Has anyone else experienced this behavior and any idea what's causing this ? Please let me know 

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Hi Vignesh. Yes, this is an interesting topic and I have also noticed this incorrect timestamp on Skype for Business Missed conversation sent to email. This issue was already raised to Microsoft couple of years ago but until now this was not yet permanently fixed. There's an existing thread regarding this: You may read it for your reference as well as there were a lot who already gave their feedbacks.