Public folder calendars in webmail


For at least a year, public folders when viewed in webmail have been giving problems, and the problems change so it's necessary to keep re-testing to see what happens.

Current issues which we are having (with public folders calendars)


1) When a user has viewed a calendar, its items remain visible even when they've turned it off. So far as I can tell, which users / calendars are affected seems completely random

2) When a calendar is deleted from the favourites list, it will go, but then when the user logs in next it will be back again - this also seems random, although mostly longer-existing calendars seem affected rather than newer ones. It can also include calendars which have been deleted so no longer actually exist in the public folders.


Plus of course the whole way it handles calendars, with them all showing in one window as layers, is confusing and awkward, but this is just bad design rather than a bug.


Has anyone found solutions to either of the above issues, or is it just a case of waiting to see if Microsoft ever actually fix them?



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