Outlook pst files in microsoft 365

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I have been using office 2013 since 2012 storing everything in a .pst with 5 accounts.  

I have a mapp structure of all saved mail in the topp and in the bottom my 5 accounts.

The search facilities works wery fine and i can find a list of mail containing phrases in th 4 GB pst file.

In my new PC i am tesying Office 365 and tries to understand how to continue with this structure.

I opened the pst file in outlook and ecpected to se it together with my mail accounts but in no way I could find any traces of the pst file. I can not find any way to remove/cose the opened pst file.

What i see is this :



The ideal for me should hav been that I could navigate in the opened pst file.

What can I do to see any trace of my pst file and why are that so  many items in the Gmail account?


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