Onedrive file retention and deletion

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I have multifold questions with regards to Onedrive retention and Deletion, i am looking to implement a file deletion policy for files older than 5 years in users onedrive.

a. will user be notified before the file is going to be deleted from this policy?
b. We want files to be deleted based on created or modified date, will this work by creating two polices, (one based on each attribute), if we do this, which policy will take precedenceon weather a file is deleted, we have seen a few cases where the created date on file is newer than the modified date attribute, so we only want to delete files based on which ever date is most recent? @Vasil Michev 

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Hello, @Sehwag009. I should warn you that the users are not notified when the files are subject to the "expire" retention policies.


But still, you have the possibility of integrating this into a workflow. One more option is to run the script from time to time.


Disposition of content can be a helpful article in your situation.


Keep in mind the 'Principles of retention'.


Check the similar thread in case you still have some questions.


Another suggestion is to learn more about your Microsoft 365 data backups, as your organization's essential data should always be recoverable after any unforeseen issues.