Office 365 groups and SharePoint search


Is it possible to include Office 365 group data such as documents in an Office365 goup in Search results on a SharePoint online site?

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Ey @Pieter Veenstra I have just verified that I can search Office Group Data (Files stored in the Groups document library) from SPO Search that what you mean?
I tried it within a search result web part on my portal site by setting the query to Path:...... And that didn't work. I will try it from a search centre tomorrow.

@Juan Carlos González Martín, I'm not getting any results back in the search center either. When I search within the group site itself search seems to be working, but not from within a SharePoint site.

Is that a private Group? In my case, I'm able to search Group documents in the search the tests I did I was looking for documents stored in a public Group

It is a private group indeed, but I've got access to the private group.

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I believe that's the problem...currently Delve cannot surface documents that are living on Private Groups (I also think Microsoft is working currently on surfacing documents that are in private Groups) and since Delve is powered by the Office Graph what means search behind the scenes that's the reason IMHO why you are not able to search for documents that belong to a private Group...just my two cents
Hmm. Interesting Find. Remember a while back where they had problems surfacing documents from Private groups into Delve? It might be some kind of similar Search Service configuration/limitation currently in regards to Private Groups.

Anyone seen any updates on this? We're still not seeing private group files in SharePoint search results.

We are seeing documents from private groups within our Sharepoint search results (classic and modern).  As noted from the other thread, Delve is also searching private groups now.


What I can't figure out is how to get Sharepoint (classic view) to search for private groups.  In my search query, I have WebTemplate:Group, but this only finds public groups...


The modern Sharepoint search can find private groups, but I can't figure out how to pass my search box query to the modern view.




Any variable I try sending to the above page get translated as a regular string.  I've tried {SearchBoxQuery}, {SearchTerms}, {k}, {QueryString.k}.   The only variable that seems to get translated correctly is {urlcontext}, but that one doesn't help me.  


Hi I'm trying to do something similar is there documentation out there to refine search queries for office 365 group modern SharePoint sites?



Are you currently able to find files from private groups in delve?


Hi! @Deleted How do you mean refine? Could you give an example of what you want to do in the query?

@Pieter VeenstraI was creating a Search Result Source that included Path:https://.../Teams/ModernSite and was not seeing at all what I expected.  As a site owner, I expected I could see everything.  After digging, it looks like the Members do get place into the SharePoint Members group, but the Owners do not get put into the SharePoint Owners group.  I saw nothing from the result source until I specifically put myself into the SP Owners group and reindexed the library.  While the Modern search appears to comprehend the Office 365 groups, SharePoint search does not appear to do so and Owners added to Members for search purposes.  SharePoint search still depends on SharePoint security groups.  When looking to create result sources that include modern, don't rely on the Office 365 Groups.