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Hi team, 


In context of the GDPR, I would like to send a phishing mail to my organization. I used the attack simulator to send a test phishing email to myself and others in my team. So far, so good. 

The next day, I wanted to see report of how many users were compromised. I knew of at least 2 people who clicked on the link and entered their credentials but it didn't show in the report. The report date didn't capture the lapse of time either. It said: 20-06-2018 09:28 to 20-06-2018 09:28


Can  anyone advise? 


Thank you,


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Sounds like something clearly went wrong with the response collection. Did you open a support ticket? Microsoft may need to review on the backend.



Same happened to me. Did you ever find a solution for the reports to contain the exact time needed ?

Have you used any template ? (under In the Security & Compliance Center>Threat management > Attack simulator)

When use template I get to see data in the report. let me me know in your case?
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