Multiple domains on Office 365 Business Premium

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We have multiple domains in the company. Some users received emails from all three, some only from one or two. Users need to send emails from one of the three domains as default depending upon their department. Some users also need to send emails from one of the other three domains when needed. We have this sorted through an on premises Exchange 2010.


Is this possible with Office 365 Business Premium? 


Does this require additional licenses of Exchange online?





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Just to be clear, does hosting multiple domains require additional licenses?

It does not require additional licenses, no.

A user can have multiple email addresses, e.g,, etc.

One of those addresses will be their 'reply to', or default - which is the one that their outbound emails will show as being 'from'

For those users who need to be able to change their 'from', I've done this in the past - see for details.

I am migrating another company "that we purchased" to our O365 account but when I add the domain all of sudden users cant send from domain1 to domain2 and visa versa. Users get a domain not found message.