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In the latest 0365 blog the new Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit is mentioned, in the blog I can read what all the benefits are from this tool and what it concludes. I am missing 1 thing tough, is this a feature I can set in my admin center? (if so I cant find it or enable it) after that how does it work, do I get 1 button (per example) to get all the 4 pillars included in the blog?


Or is it just a way how to set up your freelance projects and Its just a best practise and I have to manually setup the site, BI and flows?


Anyone got some experience with this?


Regards, Rob

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AFAIK, while it's true Microsoft calls it "Microsoft Freelance Toolki", it's not a real toolkit in the end...basically, employers have to provide to freelances everything they need to work in a productive way (access to Teams, Power BI, etc)
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Agree with Juan, it is a set of best practices and deployment guides using the apps - SharePoint, Teams, Power BI and Flow to manage freelance projects in the organisation at scale. They are doing it in Partnership with Upwork.


To note, you can get all of these in Office 365 E5 or add a PowerBI Pro licence to and existing Office 365/Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise SKU.

The Toolkit is not an application or SKU in itself.

Hope that helps clarify.

Best, Chris