Managing Office 365 - An Overview


Moving to Office 365 means a different way of doing things for your IT department. 

In Office 365, we provide admins with a rich toolkit to enable them to configure, manage and monitor the service.  

Watch the video to get an overview of the admin tools included in Office 365, so you can be in control of your environment!

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Thanks for sharing this video!!

Great Overview Video, thanks for sharing !

Good video! I have a suggestion: Consider adding links to appropriate support/feature info pages for each mentioned feature on appropriate parts of the video. I believe audience engagement would be higher in that case.

Great video Kim. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful video here which really makes me think how to manage Office 365 account more effectively...

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Good video. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing!

quite true
I have two devices setup on Intune, Android devices and windows device, If I login to Intune admin centre two devices are registered complaint, if I login to Azure new portal one device (android)is registered. I need help to sort it out.

This Overview about Office 365 admin IT its amazing. 

Thanks for your share Kim. 

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