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Due to an recent acquisition, the company that I work for (Company A) needs to migrate another company's tenant (Company B) into ours.


Company B is running Azure AD + M365, including several other services such as Azure DevOps. 


Now to my question:

Let's assume that once we have successfully migrated all data residing in Azure AD and M365, set up the domain, migrated all mail, aliases and set up the necessary DNS-records and such....should we be expecting any problems (such as authentication, sync etc) once the companyB-users will try to log into Azure DevOps with their old login credentials?


If so, how do we prevent this from happening? Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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If cx follows the proper instructions provided by MSFT he won't be facing any issues.
As per this article, below are the pre-requisites:
  • You're in the Project Collection Administrator group for the organization.
  • You're a member or a guest in the source Azure AD and a member in the destination Azure AD. For more information, see how to convert an Azure AD guest into member.
  • You have 100 or fewer users in your organization. If your organization has more than 100 users, contact support for help with changing your Azure AD.

Do the following task:

  • Request that SSH keys be manually cleared by Support.
BTW, there are many migration tools available in VS Marketplace which can automatically generate access tokens, rename/adjust the accounts with VS subscriptions in destination tenant.
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