My Analytics for shared mailboxes

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How do I get My Analytics results in Outlook to show for emails sent from a shared mailbox, when I'm logged in with my own account?

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According to the Microsoft documentation:
"MyAnalytics does not use data from shared or secondary mailboxes"

why not? its a good to have feature for mail boxes like info@ contact@ register@ 

so that the activities can be tracked on that particular mailbox.

Hi Jonathan, My Analytics data is de-identified. This prevents users from having personal data shared and is designed to promote privacy. A shared mailbox inherently breaks these rules. Sharing with @Peter Bergen to see if he can give you further insights. Regards
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Thanks John for looping me in. Neil is correct that MyAnalytics currently does not provide statistics on emails delivered from shared mailboxes. It is a common request, however, so we may look into feasibility. I'll keep everyone on this thread posted!
Morning @Peter Bergen & @John Wynne thank you for your reply on this. It is a very good feature for key business mailboxes. So please if you could put it into your development roadmap. Also keep me posted with the updates. Should you require BETA tester then I can. thanks.

@Peter Bergen & @John Wynne have there been any updates on this front in the past 6 months? Thanks J

@Peter Bergen what about data on messages received in a shared mailbox, to see how fast they are read and moved, how many are replied/forwarded, etc?


@YonaC We are looking for the same capability  Any updates?

@Peter Bergen & @John Wynne have there been any updates on this feature?


Thanks in advance for your response.


@Jonathan Walkerhave you or anyone else on this thread been able to find a possible solution? Thank you!

@Peter Bergenadding a comment so you can let me know too if there are any updates on this feature. Thanks!

Peter, we have a decent amount of demand for this in the US Federal space. Are there any available updates on this being expanded to cover shared mailboxes?
+1 for any update on this.
+1 for updates...