HoloLens 2 App for Timber Frame Assembly

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I am very proud about our latest project: We've developed a HoloLens 2 app for timber frame assembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSSQ_GUpYsQ


The planning of the building projects is done completely digitally using the cadwork software at schaerholzbau in Altbüron Switzerland. Based on these construction plans, machines and employees saw and mill individual wooden beams into the desired shape. These are assembled by hand in the production hall to form transportable elements. The elements are usually different in shape and vary in complexity. For this reason, employees often have to consult the printed construction plan when assembling the elements on the workbench.


Since the planning of the buildings and the components is already done digitally and in 3D, these plans can also be displayed spatially in Mixed Reality. This idea gave rise to the ElementBau app for HoloLens 2. Employees see the construction plan as a hologram on the assembly table, are independent of the printed construction plan and have their hands free to do the work.


With the use of the HL2 app, a significant acceleration of the assembly process was measured.


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Well done!