floor/head tracking/height issue on lenovo explorer

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hello everyone, I discovered something crazy about all the issue of floor height on WMR headset.


i have a lenovo explorer.


i've heard of people complaining about the height issue (on vr chat putting a height approximatively 75% lower, for me 1.44 m instead of 1.87 m, and it make the game unplayable), i also have the same issue.
but today i found that i've maybe the same issue on every other direction (so walking in my room) because in vr my room looks like smaller than reality.

So, to verify everything, i built a vr room in unity with 5 meter rules on every direction and make them match my visual height.

after an hours of matching, i achieved to make every rules fit almost perfectly my real 1m rule.so, i started the vr game, walked to the 0m marker and put my rule on my ground to make it match the virtual one, after that i walked to the 1m marker and looked in reality and i found out i walked exactly 1m33 !

i tested this on x,y and z position and same result, a shifting about 1,33 m in real life so after a simple calculation i found that every meter you move (in every direction) in real life is about 75cm in vr !

but i wasn't sure so i wanted to test my theory, so i started vr chat,

i know that my avatar is 1m60 tall, so if i configure my floor height to make the vrchat height configuration to be almost my height (if you don't achieve to make it match your height you have to add the height difference into your calculation), according to my calculation if i put the headset on the ground i should have an offset of about 0.75/1.50(eye's height) = 0.5m


Sans titre.png


i have another experiment, much easier that proove that but without any posibility to calculate the rate of 0.75:

you only have to put your controller against a real wall in your room and move your head closer and futher, normally the controller should not move in vr but here it's moving, and a lot !




that's a really weird issue, when i play a game that take your size in account like vrchat everything looks crazy tiny and it's unplayable, i have to put an offset to play normally and so i'm unable to touch the ground anymore...


so that's my issue... i don't know if it's me that i'm crazy or if it's a real issue but please help me... i want to feel like playing normally :sad:

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@Olskor I've never run into these issues before. I always match my floor in the WMR portal. After that I also set the boundaries through the WMR portal. If I then go to Steam and startup a game, there's no problems. Have you tried that?

@AlexandraPetty as i said i'm sure this error run on a lenovo explorer but for other headset, i don't know...
here's what i tried:

-floor fix wmr

-room calibration wmr

-floor fix steam

-room calibration steam

-floor fix ovr tool

-room calibration ovr tool

-changing room (kitchen)

-changin lighting (big led light with no flickering

-close every windows

-use developper mode

-uninstall everything and reinstall


and i still have exactely the same issue, i have even try on steam to put a htc vive tracker on my head with a friend to see what's going on, and crasy thing, when i move around i see the tracker going almost twice as fast as me and leave my head...


This is a pretty wild issue! I unfortunately don't have any insight here, but the Feedback Hub is the perfect place to report this kind of thing! The WMR team definitely watches it, so if you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend submitting there.