StereoKit News for February
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It's been a busy few months since the last update on the open source mixed reality engine! A couple new releases, an entire hackathon, and new learning resources!


StereoKit Hackathon

First off, a big thank you to all the people that participated in the hackathon! There were a lot of cool projects, and we got some excellent feedback from all of the participants! While you can find all of the projects over on the project gallery, I'd love to highlight the top 3 right here!


Idea Engine


An interactive mind map where you can bring your ideas to life, with specialized features for training and creating your own retro adventure games. Load custom models, images and sounds.




See and explore molecules in XR.


Dutch Skies


A mixed reality real-time view, both on a map as well as a virtual overlay on the sky, of air traffic over The Netherlands (and elsewhere).


v0.3.5 Update

We squeezed in a v0.3.4 update right before the hackathon, bringing in support for skeletal animation! And now that the hackathon is over, we've packaged up all the fixes and a good chunk of feedback that came from it into a nice new update! You can check out the full release notes for v0.3.5 over here! While this release doesn't have a lot of heavy hitting features, you'll find a lot of small features, nice quality of life improvements and stability!


StereoKit Learn Module

Also just launched, our docs team built a StereoKit Learn Module that walks new developers through their first steps, as well as the StereoKit Ink sample project! If you haven't tried StereoKit out yet, now's a great opportunity to dig in and check it out on MS Learn!




Looking Forward

We're already hard at work on the next update, with a focus on UI and theming! We've heard many of you asking for more tools to build polished UI, and theming that looks more familiar, like the MRTK. So we've started digging into the latest iterations of the Mixed Reality Design Language, and are putting together some things we think you'll really enjoy.



New OpenXR features will also allow for high level implementation of extensions that work with composition layers.


If you've got particular feature requests for StereoKit, swing by the Github Issues page and let us know! And if all this is new to you, check out the new module on MS Learn, or take a peek at the docs site to learn more!

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