Journey into XR Development: February Events
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In January, we kicked off our 10-part series, Journey into XR Development, with the Spatial Computing Cloud Advocates and the Microsoft Reactor. In our first episode, we provided a lay of the land and explored approaches for getting started with XR development in addition to tools, platforms, SDKs, hardware, etc. For our second episode, we shared considerations for planning your very first app. As we enter the month of February, we're excited to transition into sharing more about low-code/no-code apps as well as an overview of interaction models for XR apps.


Unfamiliar with the series? No worries! This year, our teams have come together to bring you a 10-part series dedicated to helping you get started with your XR development journey. Created with the true beginner in mind, this series has been curated to guide you along your journey in getting started with XR featuring sessions for both developers and non-developers alike.


As a reminder, we'll be hosting events on a bi-weekly basis featuring members from the Spatial Computing Cloud Advocacy team. The next two events for February have been scheduled and we're looking forward to having you come hang out with us live!


Episode 3: Low-Code/No-Code Platforms for AR

Date: Tuesday, February 10

Time: 9AM - 10AM PST

Did you know that coding isn't a requirement to create augmented reality apps? In fact, the number of low-code/no-code platforms for AR development has grown over the past few years - enabling creators of all backgrounds to create their own AR experiences! Join us as we explore various low-code/no-code platforms for AR development including a demo for Microsoft Power Apps.

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Episode 4: Interactions for AR & VR Development

Date: Tuesday, February 22

Time: 10AM - 11AM PST

There's a number of ways to interact with virtual objects that goes beyond using our hands and/or motion controllers. Come learn various input models that can enable you to interact with XR apps including a demo for the Mixed Reality Toolkit.

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Previous Episodes

Below are recordings available on-demand for past episodes:


Episode 1: Paths into XR Development

Come learn the lay of the land for getting started with XR development. We'll explore programming languages, engine options, device options, low code/no-code solutions, and general advice for getting started!

Watch the event recording here


Episode 2: Plan & Design Your XR App

So, you have a great idea for an app but now what? Before heading into development, there's a lot to consider to ensure your app experience is well thought out and accessibly sound. Come learn techniques and tips on planning and designing your future XR app.

Watch the event recording here

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