Your account is at risk, infinite loop

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I'm invited on another company's teams, when I try to switch organizations, I get asked to verify my account because it's at risk, then I'm getting asked to change my password (after a MFA authentication) which I do, but it keeps looping (login => verify => reset password...)

Could you please provide me with help

Note that I tried clearing teams cache, reinstalling teams and using a private browser window but it didn't help







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Hello, first thing that comes to mind is something I experienced myself with B2B users. Check with the IT administrator as it most likely is Azure Identity Protection working behind the scenes and your account could be blocked, as described in detail here.

The second thing is not that cumbersome and involves clearing the Credential Manager.

Should be one of these things.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for your answer
Indeed, it looks there is something wrong


I'm admin on our organization tenant, is dismissing the risk sufficient? or should I reset the password?

Awesome! Thanks a lot