Working and updating documents in Teams or Sharepoint?

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Until now we have used Sharepoint to store files.  Lately we have started using Teams.

In Teams we will be using these documents (edit and such). Some of these documents will also be available to the public for reading.


By using Teams - would it be best to save all the documents in different channels?

We have documents called handbooks, strategic plans and so on. One channel for each?


What I have heard and read - having all files in Teams is better than Sharepoint.


Appreciate feedback. Thanks!

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Files in Teams are stored in SharePoint so regarding storage it’s the same! It’s just that they are visually available in Teams.
Regarding channels make sure it makes sense. A channel is much more than just files. You have conversations and the possibility for adding other tabs, connectors etc. if this isn’t something that is needed for the different types of files, I’d just say go with folders or metadata.


Yes stored in Sharepoint, however stored in the name of the folder used in Teams groups.

If I have a team called Board, and a channel called meetings, files used here will be saved in that folder when opening Windows explorer. 

However using just Word, its saved in Board-Documents.

For me, its saved in different location, regarding if using Teams og Sharepoint. 


Document A has until now been saved and edited using Word.

After started using Teams, document A has been copied to Teams channel.

Ducument B has some links to document A - these links has to bee copied from the Board-Teams-documents.


If we the create a new channel, called project. In that very same channel Document A is used. Document B would then have som links til Document A (Board - Teams-Documents). These would not be updated, as Document B now is saved in a different folder (Project-Documents).



Team called Board. Document A and B saved in Board-Documents-Projects

New team called Project. Document B has been moved here.


Document A has links til Document B - ok, but after moved to new team, these links would need to be updated.


Hope this made some point in understanding.