Why don't I have the virtual background option on Macbook Pro?

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I am using a 2012 Macbook Pro on High Sierra v. 10.13.6. We have Office 365 and I am using Microsoft Teams along with the rest of the company I work for. But for some reason, the option to use virtual backgrounds is not available to me. When I click on the menu where it is supposed to be listed, there is nothing there to blur background or use a virtual background. Does anyone have any ideas? I checked the system requirements according to Microsoft and my system should be more than capable.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Do you at least have the background blur option?

@Juan Carlos González Martín No... I have never had that option either.

Like to add that this is not an isolated incident.  Many of my fellow Mac users in MS Team have this issue of not able to see the virtual background option.  In addition, also do not have the video and audio selection option.  In other words, we are unable to use videos in our classes...... tried all the tricks and advices but to no avail.

@SeanLee520 I too have never been able to use background features in the MS Teams app on my MacBook Pro, including a brand new one just configured a month ago. This is a major miss for Microsoft.

I thought I couldn't use the background feature because of specs or something, and I was wrong, if you enter a meeting and wait for the host to end it, the option to send feedback will appear, you send feedback saying things like the quality was poor and stuff, now join another meeting and you will see the background option appear, boom!

@Pasha71 was there a fix for this issue?

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