Why can't Teams, like Outlook, remember external emails?

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Using Teams to create calendar invites is a pain in the backside! Every time I invite a client (or clients) to a call or meeting, I have to manually input each external email to the invite. When this is a regular group catch up, it's pretty time consuming.


Why can't Teams remember emails you've inputted before and make suggestions as you start to type in an email, like Outlook does? This would make sending invites so much more practical! 


Unless it does somehow and I'm not sure how to do that?

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Why don't you just use Outlook to send the invites? Teams isn't an email client, and thus doesnt store its own "name cache" like Outlook does, instead it will try to lookup the object within the directory.

@Vasil Michev   Sending the invite through teams has the links etc for people to dial in included in the body of the email. unless there is a way to do this through outlook?

Outlook adds the same link when you schedule a Teams meeting.
It doesnt anywhere that I can see - how can I schedule a Teams meeting via the desktop outlook app where it has the meetings link in the body?
Meeting details (including the join link) are added automatically, if you need step by step instructions read here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/schedule-a-teams-meeting-from-outlook-883cc15c-580f-441a-...