When is local MS Teams cache invalidated?

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It seems the local MS Teams cache doesn't invalidate, when it possibly should.

For example: a colleague had updated their O365 profile picture, and this change was not reflected in my local MS Teams client for a number of days. Manually clearing the cache resolved the issue.


Likewise, I've had made a typo creating a new user in our organization and later renamed said user to remove the typo. This had happened almost a month ago. Unfortunately people who already talked to said user before I fixed the typo STILL see this user with the old name.


MS Teams badly needs some better cache invalidation / cleaning. Alternatively, a built-in button to let the user clear the cache on demand (I know it's possible to clean the cache manually but this isn't very user friendly).


I don't suppose there's a way to force users in our org. to automatically refresh their Teams cache? Alternatively, is the cache ever invalidated? If so, when?

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Yup, I've had numerous issues that stem from the improper handling of caching, even the browser apps seem to suffer from those. So much that clearing it has turned into a standard troubleshooting step.


If you are managing the devices, you can force-clean the entire Teams directory under %appdata%.

@Mateusz Bender Hello Mateusz, there's a UserVoice for the inconvenience of manually have to clear the cache. Go vote it up!