When are Teams Devices (Phones) going to be updated to allow favorites or speed dials?


Teams devices, such as phones, do not allow you to save speed dials or favorites, which is a huge must have in order to switch out phones from on-prem to Teams. Do we know when that functionality will be available?


Also, when will more than just a work number be shown in the Teams contact card for a user? Specifically, looking for their mobile number in the contact card.


Lastly, when will Outlook contacts and teams contacts be "synced"? It's fairly difficult to use a Teams certified device, without an Outlook or Teams contact list.

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The adding speed dials or favorites for mobile devices feature is still in the air there is a user's voice... several people are waiting on it ...
For the Mobile number on the Teams card is already available , Click on the calls icon in your phone in Teams -> click on the person name and then profile icon , you can see the person mobile number under the email .
Outlook contacts syn is already happening , you may not see a "contact" tab seperately but when you click on the + sign with the Phone icon and you can search the name which are your outlook contacts

Hope this helps

The speed dial/Favorites should not be a user voice. Any business phone, with very few exceptions, have that capability. If I'm stuck waiting for a uservoice to move to Teams or keeping an on-prem pbx, the pbx is going to win out. There is no way I can replace current phones with phones that have significantly less functionality. I want to move to Teams, but that is not something the business units will allow.

The mobile number for the contact card is for the Windows and Web Team app, not a Teams compatible device. It doesn't show the mobile number when you search. It will only show someone's mobile number if you add them as a contact on the Teams app.

The business units are not happy with having to search for everything, and I don't blame them. I can't recommend switching out our current system with one that offers significantly less functionality. Again, I want to go with Teams, and I'm hoping that basic functionality will be available soon so I can make the case to the business units that Teams is a better system. After showing it to them, it's a hard no until that time.

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@Lynn Towle Microsoft announced at Ignite that Favorites/Speed Dial support will come to the Teams IP phone client next year (2020).

I have a poly ccx and cannot see my contacts.

@elliottchandler Teams clients do not yet support Outlook contact integration.


The Teams contacts (Favorites, etc) are now all available on the CCX phone with yesterday's release of 6.2.21 firmware.  you can update your CCX phones directly from the Teams Admin Center now.

@Jeff_Schertz I have just updated one of the Poly CCX and now have a completely different interface which includes the People Icon. I now see the contacts that are stored in the contacts folder in Outlook. 


However it is not possible to add a new contact from this area. It is possible to Add from Directory or Create new group.

Also it should be noted that from the calls screen when starting a new call and then selecting people it is not possible to see those contacts.


Can you tell me where the information about these kind of updates are published?

@Jeff_Schertz Also from the People area it is not possible to search for a contact.