What have you used for needing more than Teams in a conference room?

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I'm wondering if anyone has pieced together a system to use Teams and another video conference application like Zoom.  Since something like Polycom systems need the very expensive RealConnect service to use Teams, and the Yealink VC200 is not enough for a 12-seat conference room, I'm trying to find potential alternatives.


Is there another single-supplier solution that can natively use Teams+1?

What have you used to satisfy this need?

Anything that was great/terrible about the experience?


Maybe I'm not using the search correctly today but I didn't see much of anything posted about this.  I'm surprised since this seems like something that would be needed since Teams doesn't have effective video conference abilities with external parties yet.

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Have not seen a good system like that, you want the good user experience with one-click-join to meetings. With the Microsoft Teams Room (former Skype Room System) you can join zoom meetings but you have to join with the code (123456@zoom.us) so that is not the best user experience.


The big giant surface hub :)
Yeah I wasn't holding my breath. We currently have a MTR and Teams is great - until we need to have a video meeting with someone external to the company. I saw the Zoom integration and it's really cool but looks like that won't work with the MTR since there's no place to enter codes that I know of? I would go double-check but our Surface Pro had to be returned for replacement (the touch stopped working) and I'm waiting to get that back.

You can enable Lync integration with Zoom in the admin portal, and perhaps put a shortcut/speedial/favorite to "lync.zoom.us" on the Teams device.  It will result in reaching a page where the user is instructed to enter the Zoom conference ID.




That sounds like a good alternative. Have you done this with success before? I'm wondering if the user might not have the ability to enter the conference ID from the kiosk interface.
I have not, but there has to be a post call dialpad because Teams can make regular phone calls.
I recently had to change the profile on the kiosk to Skype because there was no post call dialpad in Teams. I saw there were posts expressing dissatisfaction about that being left out. I think someone from Microsoft responded about fixing that issue but I don't recall the specifics very well.

It's possible it has the post call dialpad now, though. I hope I receive the tablet back soon so I can give that a test before it's too late... or I would have to convince someone to let me buy a RealPresence license so we can use the hardware as expected.

On multiple systems I've seen the button "Enter URL" under "New Meeting" and there you can enter the zoom id @ lync.zoom.us to join the Zoom meeting using the onscreen keyboard. But still not a good user experience.

So there is no speed dial or Favorite function?