What can I auto record?

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Hi all,

I need to enable automatic recording for all Teams call and meetings, is this possible? I have seen conflicting info on the recording of calls/meetings/events.

I just need it all recording.

Any tips would be great, thanks.
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@Matt Cox Hi, I believe you're talking about this? Introduction to Teams Policy-based Recording for Calling & Meetings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Do... but I have no experience from it.

Thanks @ChristianBergstrom 

I have had a read and it appears to be saying I cannot enable mandatory recording at a tenant level for all users without the use of an external recording bot.  Can anyone confirm I am correct on this?


It seems strange that the button to record calls and meetings is available for the end user but cant b e stipulated by admin!?

@Matt Cox Hello, no worries. Let me catch up on the info for the policy-based recording and get back to this conversation when I know more about it. Could take some time though so perhaps another member with more info will reply in the meantime.


I do recall a setting for this being available as a meeting option, but can't seem to find the info now. Perhaps being withdrawn. @Steven Collier is in the know and could possibly assist with your question Matt.

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@Matt Cox Hello, sorry for the late reply. It seems as if your own understanding is correct about the policy-based recording and third-party.


Can't say what happened to the info I saw before about an eventual meeting option. There's nothing in Message center and nothing in the roadmap either. Could it be a privacy thing perhaps as you at some places legally need to get everyone's permission before you can record them? But that goes for the former option as well so I haven't go a clue to be honest.


There are plenty UV requests though! This is the one with most votes Automatic recording meetings – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


And just to put it out there, you are aware of the policy settings which control who can actually press the record button in a meeting/call?


  • User has CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -AllowCloudRecording setting set to true in order to record meetings and group calls
  • User has CsTeamsCallingPolicy -AllowCloudRecordingForCalls setting set to true in order to record 1:1 calls

@Matt Cox 


Compliance recording is a solution for organisations that have a legal requirement to retain conversations. Microsoft provide an interface that allows third parties like Verint, Smarsh etc. to retrieve a recording of all calls and meetings for designated users. It would be nice for Microsoft to have this kind of call retention system, but they don't, and I think the logic is that most customers with this requirements will already have a preferred platform.


Teams recording is something for the owner of a meeting, they are stored in that users OneDrive or the Team (for channel meetings). It wouldn't be appropriate for retention, as it's not stored somewhere more useful.



@Steven Collier Thanks for coming back on me on this.


We do have a call recording system for our main IP phone system however I had hoped not to have to integrate that into Teams, we use Redbox which is listed as a provider that's looking to have that sort of integration so perhaps a conversation to be had there! 


Our need, although compliance is one of them, is more focused on training, development and meeting recall. Currently, we review calls and meetings to improve the quality of service and to train new starters. Having to reply on the end-users to remember to record everything is a pain but hopefully the weight of option across UserVoice and other platforms will see this addressed. I'd even be happy with it just auto-recording into the user's stream or onedrive as it does now, just with the default globally set to record rather than not!.


Thanks again for your feeback.



@Steven Collier Thanks for your input. Whatever happened to the "automatic meeting recording toggle" you once posted in another conversation? It was something you saw in Message center. Surely withdrawn as there's no info at all about it?

@ChristianBergstrom There was something wasn't there, the idea was that the meeting organiser could define up front that a meeting should be recorded, then didn't have to remember. I haven't seen any word about that more recently, maybe its queued up after the transition from Stream to SharePoint.