What are the key differences between WebEx and Teams?

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This is just a question I am curious to know about why enterprises are still using WebEx and not Teams yet? What could be the reason behind it? ( While Teams is far better)

What are the key differences between these two products? What are those features that is possible in WebEx but not in Teams?

Thank you for your time in advance!

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WebEx, basically a video conferencing system.

Teams, keyboard to keyboard chat, voice calling, PSTN calling, video conferencing, file sharing, Team site where conversations go on, applications, well, that's maybe 10% of the Teams features.

@Dave8465 WebEx is Cisco, many customers tie themselves into long term deals with Cisco, perhaps have Cisco meeting room equipment etc.


Teams however comes as part of Office 365, and realistically needs you to adopt SharePoint Online and Exchange Online. For some larger companies that's a lot of work, and it's sometimes easier to just renew with Cisco when their deal is up for renewal.

There are some comparisons (Note: Please, take into account they could contain some errors) in the Internet that might help you to have a high level understanding of some key differences between both platforms. For instance, the following one (there are some mistakes, but in general it's a quite ok comparison): https://nextplane.net/blog/microsoft-teams-vs-cisco-webex-teams-which-is-best/