Weird issues with Teams in "new meeting experience"

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On Teams desktop client version on macOS, updated today (September 14, 2020), we're still noticing oddities.


  1. When in the "new meeting experience" option, there's no controls to change background (i.e. remove the blurred background)
  2. When in the "new meeting experience" option, or the "old meeting experience", the meeting controls are still floating, and are not pinned to the top-right of the window
  3. We still don't seem to have the rollout of the native macOS notifications

Might we be dancing the Teams dance wrong?

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Hi @cozimek    You might want to open an item at for personalized tech support but I can offer a few comments below:


1. The missing blurred background options is a known bug in Teams on Mac.  There is a solution offered in this past post but it was posted before the "new experience."


2. The controls should be pinned to the top right in the new experience.  I can't offer a suggestion there but I'll offer this Uservoice item that asks for users to determine where the controls go on their own:


3.  According to the roadmap, the native OS notifications rollout has been pushed back to October:

@ThereseSolimeno thanks so much, those all make sense.  It's weird that #2 isn't working for us, but we'll keep an eye open for updates.