Webinar feature not showing in Teams

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It's my understanding that the webinar feature for Microsoft Teams is out for all Microsoft E3 users. How to do enable it?

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Hi, this is happening backend and being rolled out right now so it will end up in your tenant really soon, if it hasn't already


TeamsWebinarsGetStartedGuide.pdf (

Hi Team,
I'm waiting as well for this exciting new feature to organize my coming Webinar (we at Inensia have 365 Business Premium subscriptions), I have 2 short questions:
- Currently I see the "New Meeting" button in Teams without dropdown, do you confirm the "New Webinar" feature will appear without any administrative action?
- Is there a way to know when the feature will be made available to our organization?
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Hello, the default setting is enabled so if your admin hasn't done anything to prevent it you know it's available for your tenant when you see it. Simple as that really. Sometimes you can quicken the availability of new features by signing out and back in again.
Hi, what default setting and where is that located? Thanks!
We were unable to get this resolved on our end. After days of going "back and forth" with MS support, the only way we were able to get access to the dropdown Teams Webinar function was to switch our users from "Microsoft 365 Business Premium" to E5 licenses, despite what it says in Microsoft's product literature. Of course this has many repercussions for our company, as M365 Business Premium is not an "apples to apples" product to E5, in terms of features or costs.

We are currently evaluating the E5, vs. Go-To-Meeting Webinar, vs. Zoom Webinar. Hopefully MS will fix their Teams Webinar function in the future so that it will work as advertised.