We run into a problem. Reconnecting...

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From time to time the Teams stops working with message: 'We ran into a problem. Reconnecting...'. It isn't connected with any internet troubles - my Teams for iphone keeps working, all the applications which use the internet on the PC keep working. But Teams doesn't... even after system reboot. There is only one approach, which can help - uninstalling, then removing files in the %appdata%\Microsoft\teams folder, then reboot, then install again. Then it is working fine during some time, and after a while the problem appears suddenly again without any preconditions. Sometimes this interval of normal working is couple of days, but sometimes (like today) is 20-30 minutes. It paralyzes my working process, it makes using Teams permanent torture and lost of my time!

It's about Teams for Windows x64.

Logs are attached.

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I have the same issue. MS Teams desktop app for Mac

@professortrex same issue here.


Teams desktop app for Mac



@Michael_Voronov I'm also going through the same problem. if you got the solution send me details regarding this. my mail id: naitikacharya@gmail.com 


Thank you.

Same issue