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After changing my account's password, I keep getting this error when opening a one-to-one conversation: "We can't access your content. Please refresh to try again."

Same thing happens in desktop and web applications.

I tried deleting all teams cache under %APPDATA%, and reinstalling desktop app, but that did not help.

I also tried logging out and in again several times, but that did not change anything.


How to fix this? I can't use Teams anymore.....

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Hi@Jānis Simsons 

I`ve been having the same issue in the last few days, but for only one chat window. The rest are working fine. However, it's having huge business impact...as at the moment I can`t chat with my boss.

Have you managed to find a fix for this?


Hi @Loredana1110 


I face the same for only two or three Chats. Seems to be a Bug in Teams. Please let me know if you were able to fix it.


Thanks in advance.

I've raised a ticket with Support, but they haven`t solved it yet. It's in progress.
Suggest you do the same.


No, I didn't really find a fix for it. But I uninstalled Teams, deleted all cache and local files that I could find, installed Teams again, but the issue was still there for a while. Then after a day or two, it slowly went away, less and less chats were affected. Funny thing is, even the online web version of Teams was affected, so it's really an issue on their end, not my local cache.

Overall it took about a week to get it fully working again.


This is a big issue, microsoft should fix it asap.

I am facing the same issue. Not able to chat with my teammates. All of sudden !!! Please do the needful