Want to learn the Power Platform by example? ... Come Join us in January 2022

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Do you prefer to learn by building real-world solutions?


Have you heard about Solutions Day?


Solutions Day is our brand new, online event that showcases 6 real-world solutions that are built on top of the Power Platform and Microsoft Teams.


In no particular order, the solutions we are going to demonstrate are:


1 - A LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that makes heavy use of SharePoint, PowerApps and Power Automate.


In this solution, we will show you how to create and add a course to SharePoint. As with any LMS we will also demonstrate lessons, quizzes, assignments and reporting.


2 - The next solution is a TEAMS PROVISIONING SOLUTION that gives staff the ability to request a new team. If approved, Power Automate is then used to provision the team automatically.


This solution is so cool if you want to add a little governance to Microsoft Teams.


3 - Next up, we have a STAFF CHECK-IN SYSTEM that's built with Power Apps.


For safety reasons, do you want to know where your staff are at a particular point in time?


Or, for attendance reasons, do you want to know who "checked in" to a given location?


In this session, we showcase how to build a Power App that allows a person to check in to a room based on their current location.


4 - Following that, we are going to demonstrate a STAFF VACATION SYSTEM that gives staff a way to request time-off.


The solution makes use of SharePoint to store the requests and Power BI Dashboard that gives managers a method to review staff leave.


5 - Next up we head into the wonderful world of Power BI by explaining how to create dashboards from your SharePoint Lists.


6 - Lastly, our team will be sharing how we manage our social media marketing. We've built a buffer-like app that makes it really easy for us to share videos like this one to LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.


If you would like to see how we've done it, register today. If you'd like to see how we easily create videos like this, simply by typing in a document, register today.



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