Voice/call services in MS Teams

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I am currently using O365 business premium subscription and I would like to deliver to 2 users only, the capability to receive and make phone calls to international numbers. I want to understand if I can leverage my existing O365 products (perhaps with aid of add-ons) and what do I need to make it happen.


So I assuming I would need the following:

  1. I was thinking about leveraging MS Teams, by enabling some call feature to allow external/international dialing. I suppose some sort of service license. But I dont know what is the service/add-on I should look for;
  2. Probably I would need to purchase some dial numbers which would be associated to a country to determine locale;
  3. I would need to enroll into a dial call plan. I found details of these in MS docs;


I would also like to understand if the setup of MS Teams to enable the features and configure the dial number is something "easy" since my reduce scope.


Thank you



I have found this article that I think clarifies big part of my question. Nevertheless, I still do not understand whether the 3 parts that I need to enable Voice calling have separate cost, or if the license covers the phone number.

Also, If the user is based in India, do I need to get an number from India or can the user use another country number. Since this is VoiP it shouldnt matter right? Or Im being too simplistic and bypassing all the public PSTN rules!! :)




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