Using Teams on Xbox One with Kinect

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Hi together,


is there a way to use Teams on an Xbox One that has a Kinect? Would be great to use it in a conference room.


Thanks for hints

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Hi @kdbdesign

There are multiple uservoices open for Teams support on the Xbox including this one

Would recommend you vote on it to push it up the agenda. If this isn't exactly what you want then open up a new uservoice and get people to vote on it

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

You can connect to microsoft Teams already via the Edge browser in XBOX.  You can view others via their webcam, however you cannot use a webcam / kinect to display you.  In order to do this, Microsoft must make an XBOX version of the Microsoft Teams app.  So far there are no plans to do so, however the current state of covid lockdowns in countries means people are screaming for this to happen.  

There is a video demonstrating how to connect with what you already have.  This was aimed at school students to connect to school when they have no other internet device, but this applies to anyone.

Video Link:

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