Using Teams for a recovery group


Hi all,


putting out there a general question and guidance around any experience there may be in the community. 


We work with a recovery fellowship group that has been using zoom for all meetings during lockdown. They have access to Teams but aren't yet registered as a charity to get greater access to the services offered by MS without charge.


Firstly, does anyone have experience or resources around using Teams as an alternative to zoom for hosting fellowship meetings and allowing/facilitating anonymous attendance? with app/without app?


I was also wondering whether there might be any internal MS resources anyone might be aware of to talk to in this area to support recovery fellowships?





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Hi @Peter Holland   

As far as holding anonymous meetings, this unconfirmed blog might help: Anonymous Meeting Join in Microsoft Teams-Sharing Knowledge | Erwin Bierens Blog

Using Teams for these meetings is working just fine. You need to download the app on mobile devices but browser is working fine otherwise without any downloads. Anonymous join is also available if the meeting setting is set to allow it.

Regarding recovery followships, I don't really know what thatäs about i'm afraid :)