Using Teams App Permission Policies


Teams App Permissions policies allow Office 365 tenants to exert a fine degree of control over the apps users are allowed to install. You can amend the default policy or create new policies and assign the policies to user accounts through the Teams Admin Center or with PowerShell.

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Hello @Tony Redmond 

Thank you for the share. 

What you would advide me: to create a new policy or to modify the default one in order to customize our app in Microsoft Teams please? 

What're the best practise of Microsoft please? 

Create and apply your own policy. That way you avoid any problems that might arise if Microsoft changes the default policy.

Thank you @Tony Redmond 

Is it possible to apply the policy to all the users of our organizanition witout checking each o365 account manually? 

Will policy be applied to the new accounts created automatically please? 



1. Yes, using PowerShell. See the explanation in

2. No. You'll have to assign the policy to new users as they are created.

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