Using Microsoft Teams Rooms for Multi- Disciplinary Clinical (MDM) meetings

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Hey.  I was wanting to find out a bit more about the potential of using MS Teams to host MDM meetings.

We host a number of these meetings, these are case conference meetings where patients are discussed with the clinicians from our hospital and other clinicians from other hospitals.  At these some of these meetings there is a requirement to be able to share 2 desktop screen images with people joining the meeting, to show things like a comparison between different CT scans, see example image below at end .

MDM exampleMDM example


We have wanted to simplify things and look at these rooms set up as room where clinicans can come into the room and join a meeting (i.e. room is set up as a Teams room).  We have been able to test and do this with a Zoom Room, configured with the ability to share content from multiple screens using the room control chat panel and to share both at HD(1080p).  


Can this be done in teams today? If not is it on the roadmap for development? 


If so are there any resource around how to set this up and make it work.


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Currently it is only possible with one sharing stream (application, desktop, powerpoint) but since other applications can support multiple desktop shares I guess it will come to Teams too, don't know when.

It is also a uservoice requesting this, vote and comment on that.
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As Linus mentions, it is not possible natively within Teams today. What could be done is a 3rd party sharing platform into your Teams room such as Crestron AirMedia. This can show two difference sources at once. The AirMedia also has a Flex Mode, so it works nicely with the Crestron Flex Microsoft Teams Rooms. There is a demo here of the sharing

Otherwise, it may come to Teams at a later date when the engineering team investigate it.