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Hello dear colleagues,


I have a some how mysterious problem. One of my customers is not able to write me on Teams. We both see each other as Skype user. I can write him, he can replay but only for a short moment. After som time he cannot write a message or call my anymore. Yesterday I created a new Tenant for a customer and I used this Tenant for some test. He can write to a user inside this Tenant, everything works normal. When This new user tries to write to my Teams account he get the same error message as my customer "This user is unavailable or offline. We've sent an email instead." (fun fact, I do not receive any mails). So I think it is an problem/miss configuration with our company Tenant. 

Any ideas? The attached picture is from the test users Teams


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Alexander Asmußen

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Are your account in "Teams Only Mode" in your tenant? Otherwise all external IM's will be directed to your Skype client.
I tested both. Island and Teams only, nothing changed. I also configured Teams Only organisation wide. It just didn't work.


@Alexander_Asmussen I have experienced that the "move over" to Teams Only Mode will take a while sometimes. I.e the external user will be sending messages that lands in your Skype For Business client for a while. Then when the transfer get provisioned they will notice a change in their Skype client and messages after that will get transferred to your teams client.


Also, you will be able to initiate and have all conversations from your teams client from that point on.

Thanks for the replay, the point is. Sorry I didn't mentioned it before, till about January it worked normal. From one day to another it stopped working. Btw. both organisation never used S4B, that is also a very weird thing. I will give it some time. If someone else has an idea, I am glad to hear it :D